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Roulette odds

Just like any other casino game, Roulette too has a house edge. The house edge is the money a player is expected to lose on every bet to the house, on an average. It accounts to 5.26% on an American table and 2.70% for a European table. Gamblers are very well aware of the fact that the house has a high edge in this game and even so you will still find the Roulette tables always overcrowded as they hope that they will win big.

The major reason for Roulette being so popular regardless of the fact that it has a high house edge is its simplicity. The simplicity of the game attracts people. Roulette is much more popular than Blackjack even though the latter has a lower house edge, mainly because Blackjack requires a vast amount of knowledge as well as experience. Whereas, Roulette is a simple enough game and anyone can understand it. All you have to do is walk up to the table, make a selection of number/series of numbers/even or odd /red or black, place a bet on it, cross your fingers and hope it turns up!

However, winning on a roulette table isn’t that easy and is mostly a drain on your wallet. If you have ever wondered that there are 38 numbers on a Roulette wheel, the true odds are 37 to 1 of hitting a single number on a straight-up bet; then how is it that the payoff amounts to just 35 to 1? This is where the house gets its edge from. The casinos make their money from this house edge. Mathematically speaking, if you bet $100 on every spin of the wheel, you’ll lose $200 regardless for every 38 spins. This is when you are playing on an American table.

If you play on a European table then this can highly improve your odds of winning, as the house edge is just 2.63% which is half of that on the American table. If the casino offers the advantageous rule of en prison this lowers the house edge to 1.53%. Playing at an online casino also improves your odds a little, because there you are given cash bonuses while you are playing.