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Multi hand video poker - Jackpot or Jack In-The-Box

One of the hottest gambling trends nowadays is video poker. There is a wide variety of video poker games out there. One such variation is multi hand video poker, often known as multi hand machines. Multi hand video poker offers games with 3 or more hands. It can be played starting from $.01, $.05, $.25 to $1 in small increments. Players can play with one coin per hand to five coins. Players can also select to play from three hands to ten hands, fifty hands and even a hundred hands.

When playing video poker that comes with three hands or more, players can click the Pay Table chart to get an idea of how the multi hand video poker machine offers payouts on coins played. Cards are drawn randomly as with any video poker machine. The player will subsequently keep his cards, discard or replace them.

Gamblers love the attraction of multi hand video poker. Provided you select a good machine and best pay table, multi hand video poker can be one of the most interesting casino games there is. Playing video poker is considered by many to be a superior choice as opposed to busting the slot machines. Multi hand video poker involves precise skill and many players enjoy using their skill to win at a casino game, instead of depending on luck only. For an occasional player or even amateur, the approach to multi hand video poker must be made with care. Here’s an important rule, only bet the amount you can afford to lose. When playing multi hand video poker, players must use a properly constructed and well defined strategy.

Video poker hands are usually ranked in order. Pay tables, however, may vary from poker machine to machine. Each multi hand video poker machine will display its payout tables. The following are some of the hands ranked from high to low payouts.

Sequential royal flush – An example of this will be 10 of spades, Jack of spades, queen of spades, King of spades, Ace of spades. In sequential royal flush the cards carry the same suit and are in exact order.

Royal flush – An example of this will be 10 of hearts, Jack of hearts, Queen of hearts, Ace of hearts, King of hearts. The cards in royal flush carry the same suit, but are not in order.

Straight flush – an example of a straight flush is 4 of hearts, 5 of hearts, 6 of hearts and so on. The cards carry the same suit and are in order.

Flush – A flush is five cards carrying the same suit. For instance, a flush is 2 of spades, 3 of spades, 6 of spades, 7 of spades, 9 of spades.

Multi hand video poker is a combination of skill and good luck. The luck factors in when the player is dealt with random cards. The skill plays a vital role in winning video poker. The player must encompass precise skill in knowing what to keep and what to fold. When you play multi hand video poker at any machine, remember to choose one that allows the player to use the maximum coins. By doing this regularly, you will have a better chance at winning bigger bucks when you hit a winning hand!