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Dueces Wild Video Poker - Strategies

Video Poker made its mark in the casino world during the seventies. Today it has become a very popular form of gambling. For players who enjoy the edginess of a gambling game and large wins, skill and anonymity there is nothing like playing Video Poker.

Deuces Wild Video Poker is very exciting. What players need to remember in this video poker game is that four two’s (deuces) in a standard card of decks can be replaced with another card of any kind, any rank or any suit. For instance, a deuce of spades can be substituted to complete the straight flush in diamonds as the fifth card. Deuces should never be discarded.

You will be playing video poker on a machine, and your only goal must be to be dealt the best hand. The video poker machine will deal five card hands. You can select the cards you want to keep, discard cards and replace old with new cards. This can be done by activating the relevant button which appears under every card. If you get a winning combination as your new hand, you will receive the winning payout. When it comes to Deuces Wild Strategy, there are certain fundamentals you must remember. The following are the ranking for the hands.

  1. Five of a kind
  2. Royal flush
  3. Straight flush
  4. Four of a kind
  5. Flush
  6. Full house
  7. Straight
  8. Three of a kind
  9. Two pair
  10. A pair

Players must note that five of a kind can be used with a joker or wild cards, which is the highest possible hand.

Wild Strategy Basics
Four Deuces – Keep the five cards as you cannot better it.
Three Deuces – Hold on to a royal flush along with five of a kind. Else, keep the deuces only.
Two Deuces – Hold on to a hand of four of a kind or anything better. Keep the two deuces or just hold on to the four cards for a royal flush.
One Deuce – Keep the hands that pay with you, except for the four cards and a royal flush. You can keep the deuce only or keep four cards to a straight flush or three cards to a royal flush.
No Deuce – Hold on to the hands that pay, except for four cards and a royal flush. Avoid keeping a lesser hand.

Remember to play with as many coins when attempting Deuces Wild Video Poker, as the payout per five coins is greater than playing one coin and receiving a payout five consecutive times. Play Deuces at a machine that offers its players full pay Deuces Wild, which are 9 coins and a straight flush for 5 or 4 of a kind. You can play this under one coin payout schedule. Players can make the most common error usually made in Deuces Wild Video Poker. If you don’t have any of the combinations that will give you an eventual win, then the best strategy is to redraw five new cards.