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Slot Machines, invented by Charles Fey almost a hundred years ago, have become one of the most popular games in land-based casinos. The earliest slot machines, massive in size, were made out of cast iron and these machines paid around 1/5 per cent. They became extremely popular and successful and people started coming to his car mechanics shop just to play and enjoy the slot machines even when they had no cars to get fixed! So as a result of the huge success, Charles Fey decided to sell the machines. He sold his slot machine to a local toy manufacturer and the manufacturer mass marketed it to all the casinos at that time and the rest is history!

Over the last hundred years, their popularity has been exponentially increasing. Slot machines can now be seen in each and every casino. Slots are played and enjoyed by millions of people, all around the globe. But why are these so popular? They are very easy to play, enormous fun to play with and they might also offer you huge jackpots, sometimes even amounting to a million pounds, if it is your lucky day! Over the years, the technology used and the payouts of the machines have improved drastically, even though the basic design remains the same. They have become more sophisticated, with much a more improved and attractive user interface, offer bigger jackpots but still remain easy and fun to play with.

Playing on a Slot Machine could not be any easier. You just have to deposit a few coins in the machine, pull the lever and wait for the result. You then have to compare the results to the machine’s payout schedule, cross your fingers and hope that it’s your lucky day so that you can get a payout. To increase your chances to win you have to carefully make certain decisions like, which machines to play on and how much to put in them amongst other things.

One can even see the online version of the Slot Machines which is offered by the online casinos. While the traditional machines had actual reels which determined the outcome of the play when they stopped spinning, the online versions are played virtually and can have any number of reels. These are becoming even more popular due to the rise in the computer culture. Also, they give you the same excitement and payouts of a real casino but with the added comfort of playing in your home. You can play with these easily, over the internet, at your own convenience, at any time and place. Today, online slot machines account for a major portion of the growth of online casinos.

The online slot machines, all work with software which has a Random Number Generator which determines the winning number or series of symbols on the various reels. The Random Number Generator also tells the computer program which symbols to display on the reels, when the player plays. The online slot machines are really fun to play and you can win huge jackpots if you learn the basic slot playing tricks and strategies.

The Online slot machines can be categorized into two types: progressive and flat tops. There is some difference in the way they payout. A progressive slot has a jackpot which keeps on increasing by a percentage for each coin that you add into the machine. The amount of payout given by this kind of machine might sometimes be a life changing amount. Whereas a flat top machine has a fixed and predetermined payout, specific for a particular combination and is printed on the machine itself.

So if you desire a simple yet exciting game, if you are feeling lucky and if you fancy huge winnings, then Slot machines are definitely what you should go for.