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Craps Odds

The core of the game is to know what mathematical odds of the dice can lead to a specific result. You should attempt to keep in mind these odds if you intend to play for money.

The Pass Line will give you a small disadvantage as the dice odds in winning are 970 rolls out of 1980 of the dice. 1.414 percent is the edge against the dice passing.   

Using two dice there are thirty six possible results. The real odds for the particular dice outcomes are as follows:

  1. The number of possible methods for getting the dice total are given by this column.
  2. The odds against getting the dice total in one roll are provided in this column.
  3. The odds against a prior seven dice roll are provided in this column.
  4. The odds against totaling a bigger dice number prior to the total on the dice are provided in these columns. For instance, twelve prior equals five minus one. In order to reverse and make the lower number prior to the higher then the odds should be reversed, for instance, six prior to twelve equal one minus five.

The Hardway Odds are to obtain a double number prior to a seven or as a different combination. 

Thirty five to one are the odds against throwing a particular double.

Seventeen to one are the odds against a particular combination of two varying numbers.

Eight to one are the odds against rolling craps.