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The Baccarat Game
Baccarat System
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Baccarat System

The various Systems applied in Baccarat

That the game of baccarat is a game of chance is the initial factor you should be aware of. It’s definitely not possible to beat the odds in baccarat and the rules are formulated accordingly for this purpose as in all casino games.

Every one of the possible three wagers in the baccarat, as previously calculated, forecast for the player a negative prediction. On this site, the American rules are:

  • The house advantage is 1.29 percent when you bet on the player’s hand
  • The house edge is 1.01 percent when you bet on the banker’s hand
  • The house edge is 15.75 percent when you bet on a tie

All this indicates that when you place a bet solely on the player’s hand, for every one hundred dollars you bet you will lose 1.29 dollars. In the long run, you won’t win, although naturally it’s possible to win playing baccarat just as you can in any other casino game.

The question is what is a system? Suppose you are not able to modify the game’s rules, and we’re not going to cheat naturally. Based on the information given below, we can, in this instance, pursue some pre-set rules for coming to betting decisions. Therefore:

  • Consider the results in all or a number of previous played hands played
  • Consider the bets made on those hands, if at all

And now for the theory of probability: there is no method based on mathematics which has been proved to assist you in defeating the casino as the game of baccarat is based on the player’s negative expectations.

As it’s virtually impossible to forecast the future winning hand in such a position, there is no way that mathematics can be of assistance to you. You can’t change the odds in any way or form, providing you’re playing according to the rules, where the basis of every casino game is mathematics.  

If you are asking about card counting we can tell you as far as baccarat is concerned it doesn’t help. His investigations in this field are described by Dr. Edward O. Thorp in his book The Mathematics of Gambling

The Baccarat System:

There are not too many systems of baccarat in existence. Although a variety of numerous betting methods based on mathematics may function well in this game in general, there are few specific systems formulated specially for this game. 

The 1-3-2-6 baccarat system might be known to you. During the process of four rounds this method allows you to monitor your bets. It goes without saying that the aim is to target possibly bigger returns for placing small bets. By using this specific system of baccarat you are taking a chance on two dollars with the potential of ten dollar return.   

It works in the following manner:

  • At the beginning of the game only place a one unit bet. Assuming you win then place a three unit total for a second wager.
  • Six units are now on the table if you also win the second bet. Take back four and place a two units for a third bet.
  •  Assuming you win the third bet, then add an addition two units and make the fourth bet one totaling six units.
  • Assuming the fourth bet is a winner too, then that means you pick up ten units of clean profit where you have collected the total sum of twelve units. 

This means that in utilizing this system of baccarat, you lose one unit if you lose the first bet. You lose two units if you succeed with the first wager but lose the second wager. You make a profit of two units if you succeed with the second wager and don’t succeed with the third one. Breaking even is the result if you succeed with the first three wagers and don’t succeed with the fourth wager. You also break even when you don’t win the second wager five out of six times and then manage to triumph with four successive wagers.  

As the essence of the game of baccarat a an even money odds game enables this system to function. Therefore any casino game paying even money can be played by using this identical system.

However, only in the short term can this system be functional. You can be absolutely sure that in the long run the casino ultimately wins.

We hope you have good fortune in using this baccarat system which is both uncomplicated and successful.