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1 deck Blackjack

It is an especially very well-known fact that of all of the varieties of blackjack that are played in casinos, single-deck blackjack, of all the variants of blackjack which can be found in casinos, offers the best the odds to a blackjack player. Though this is known, it is not entirely true .

Within a blackjack game the overall odds are the same whether you are playing a single deck, double deck or any number of decks. But because it is easier when using a single deck to keep track of the shifting odds, single-deck blackjack is preferred by serious players. It is for this reason alone, that it is recommended to look for the casinos which offer single-deck blackjack .

There are times when it can be a little bit hard to find a casino that offers true single-deck blackjack and this is for several reasons. The first reason is that casinos know well that serious blackjack players will have been told to look for single-deck blackjack tables, and that they will be very unlikely to make good money from a table filled with serious players .

Therefore, casinos will often make the attempt to lessen this situation by either telling the dealer to keep a count of the cards and to shuffle them when the odds appear to be really good and in the favour of the players, or they can try pulling another trick .

If they tell their dealers to shuffle, and they do this regularly just as the players feel that they are about able to start making money, this casino will not be able to keep regular blackjack customers for long. So the trick that many casino operators are using in the single-deck games is this: they reduce the payout rate for a player's "natural blackjack" from the usual $3 that is paid out for every $2 bet to the new rate of $6 that is only paid for every $5 bet .

A "natural blackjack" may be explained as being a two-card total making twenty-one which is consisting of an ace and a card of ten value, and it is known to be far more common than a blackjack achieved with three or more cards .

So this leads to a very severe reduction of the odds, a reduction of as much as twenty percent in the payout for the most common wins. The resulting effect of this change is to move the odds over in favour of the casino by approximately one and a quarter percent - and this means that the odds for a player are even worse than they would have been if they were playing the usual multi-deck casino blackjack game with the usual rules and regulations.

So watch out for these tricks when you are playing at a casino that might be looking to take advantage of your possible lack of comprehension.