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Video Poker

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Video poker tips

Video Poker is a very popular gambling game today. It is increasingly becoming a favourite of gamblers these days because it offers a high possibility of huge jackpots, a low house edge and the involvement of a large amount of skill. The game even has the simplest of rules. The machine gives you five cards when you insert coins into it, you can play with 1 to 5 coins. Then you have to decide which cards you want to get rid of and which ones you want to keep. You will be paid out accordingly depending on which cards you did keep.

With two and a half million possible ways in which the cards can be dealt to you by the machine, the chances of getting a straight flush or a royal flush are very slim. Poker is definitely not a game for you if you do not have a strategy. Here are a few tips and tricks in a categorized form to help you out.

Deuces wild and Joker’s wild

For deuces wild
- Play 9/5 Deuces Wild VP. It gives you a full-pay that is 5 coins for four of a kind and 9 coins for Straight Flush. You will lose all five cards, 20% of the time.

- Do not hesitate to throw away your cards as by doing this you are making room for alternative cards that might be deuces. For instance, if the next hand is four or seven, then holding an ace or king isn’t going to benefit you as it is.

For joker’s wild
- Play 7/5. It gives you 5 coins for flush and 7 coins for a full-house. Remember that Kings + means a full pay in Jokers Wild.

- Also, for a higher return in jokers wild go for a Straight Flush whenever possible.

- If you have three consecutive cards, for example 5, 6, 7 of hearts, then keep them and discard all the other cards. This will give you a higher pay out. If you do not have consecutive cards then keep the small pairs.

- Never be afraid to hold the joker alone as holding it can give you four new cards, resulting in a win.

Bonuses and Progressive VPs

- Unless the jackpot is very high or ready to hit, never play progressives.

- Keep an open mind and look for high secondary jackpots, 4 of a kind, too.

- Also Progressives require larger bankrolls.

Jacks or Better (jacks+) what to choose?

- Ace is not the most important card when you are playing poker; it is K, Q and J. This is because it is easier to make a Royal or Straight flush.

- With optimum play, the pay-out is 99.5%.

- Remember to not to keep a kicker with a high pair.

- Since the players do not play with maximum coins, therefore the casinos hold 2% more money on the VPs.

- It is recommended that the novice players or those with limited bankrolls especially nickel VP's to play with Jacks+.

- The 8/5 Jacks + pays 8 coins for a full house and 5 coins for a flush which is 5% less than the payouts given by a 9/6.

Some General tips

- Make sure you read a machine’s pay out schedule before you start playing on it and also make sure if you are playing on internet video poker, then they are offering a full pay schedule. Never start playing before you go through the entire payout schedule.

- More importantly learn how to read those schedules and the difference between full pay and short pay.

- Deuces/Jokers Wild versions offer the worst payouts and the high jackpot is too expensive.

- Multiply the denomination by 5 when you decide how much to bet on each maximum hand.

- Read and re-read any relevant and optimum strategies for all kinds of poker before you start playing and if you want to master the art of poker. Strategy for each VP machine is different.

- Play with coins and not paper money so that you can keep an account of how much you are spending. Change your paper money into coins and store them in a bucket with you.

- You can play with nickels to stretch your money a little bit longer.

- Remember to always bet the maximum number of coins allowed that are allowed. This is because the winning hands are paid out after being multiplied by a factor of 5. Royal flush is an exception to this rule.