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Multi hand video poker

When personal computers hit the homeowner in the 1970s, video poker games became freely available to the avid gambler. The versions were quite primitive compared to the modern version of video poker. However, it was possible to play from the comfort of your home, instead of trudging to the closest casino. Video poker soon became public property with its latest displays of production and state central processors. Production of video poker machines took place in massive numbers at a time slot machines were being developed rapidly.

By 1979, the ICT Company known for being the leader for supplying gaming devices in the gambling world took to producing video poker software at gambling establishments. There were numerous casinos gambling minus a dealer which was a given at that time and gaining increasing popularity. Today, the world is filled with millions of slot machine fans. In the 1980s, players preferred video poker to other games as they did not have to stand around the table. This made them more comfortable and able to concentrate on the game. During this year, the idea behind multi hand video poker was created.

Video poker is similar to any poker game, but it has to be played at a slot machine without other players and the dealer. The aim of video poker is for the player to come up with the best combination using five cards. Generally, fifty two cards are on hand to play video poker and the playing stages are divided into four. First, the player will place his bid amount. Next, five cards will be dealt to the player, which the screen will display. The player can select the cards he would like to keep and discard the ones he would like to replace with new cards. New cards will replace discarded ones and the player will attempt at creating a poker combination. If the player can make a poker combination, he or she will win the hand! Once the player wins his hand, he will be given a bonus game. If he wins the bonus round, his prize money will double!

The bonus game comes with simple rules. The player is once again dealt five cards. In this instance, four cards are placed down, with one card placed up. Out of the four cards, the player must select one card. If the card chosen is ranked higher than the one open, he will win the bonus round. In case, the player does not pull up the higher ranking card he will lose his winnings in the process.

Multi hand video poker is slightly different to a regular poker game because the game is minus a dealer and other players. This means there is no bluffing about who has what cards. Multi hand video poker guarantees players a win as long as they have a strong hand!